Dimitrios SinodinosDimitrios came to the U.S. from Greece, and entered GCC as a business major. He was soon approached by ASGCC President Alen Andriassian to join student government, where he served two terms as a senator. At that point, Dean of Student Activities Paul Schlossman encouraged him to run for president. Dimitrios was elected and describes his term as president as being pivotal. He switched his major to political science, and became active in raising the level of student awareness of information, rights and resources. In turn, Dimitrios talked both Dan Wenger and later Antonino Patti into running for president.

Dimitrios received his B.A. in Public Policy cum laude from CSUN, where he also received the Political Science Department’s Award of Excellence. He was selected as CSUN’s representative to the Leon Panetta Institute, which consists of the outstanding political science graduate from each of the 23 CSU campuses for a semester internship in Washington. He served under House Representative of Foreign Policy Adam Schiff, for 4 ½ months. Dimitrios cites his internship as the most exciting time of his life and says that the intense energy each day was truly invigorating. Dimitrios is currently in CSUN’s master’s program majoring in Comparative Governments and International Relationships. His future plans are uncertain but he does want to teach and, of course, be involved with student activism and awareness.

Dimitrios says that GCC gave him the drive to be involved. He has learned a lot from his mistakes, believing that “the journey is the key,” and that if things fail—you should just go back and fix them! Dimitrios credits Paul Schlossman for teaching him long-term scope, counselor Joe Puglia for being a father figure and providing emotional support, and Alen Andriassian, current Student Services Coordinator, for being his mentor.

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