The GCC Child Development Department operates several programs that allow us to better support our students and the early childhood community of Los Angeles County. Presently these include:

  • The Child Development Training Consortium. This program assists students who are employed in licensed facilities with tuition costs, book loans and other assistance.
  • The Mentor Teacher Program. This program recognizes experienced early childhood teachers in our community and provides them training and stipends for working with less experienced teachers and directors.
  • TANIF-CDC Program recruits and trains current and potential Community College students receiving TANF cash-aid who are interested in pursuing careers in the professional field of Child Development and Early Childhood Education and places them on the career ladder based on the California Child Development Permit Matrix.
  • Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC) was developed by the staff at the Center for Child and Family Studies at WestEd in collaboration with the State Department of Education's, Child Development Division. We believe that PITC represents the most advanced thinking on appropriate practices for the group care of infants and toddlers. We work closely with our Regional Trainers to put into practice the theory developed by WestEd.
  • Los Angeles Universal Preschool Demonstration Site.


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