Physics 101PHYSICS 101 is a Computer based introduction to Mechanics on a calculus level with a strong emphasis on group interaction. It is a difficult course with a lot of homework designed to prepare you for a career in Science and Engineering. It will require about two hours a day of work outside the classroom. All students will be expected to help other students. Students will be expected to read the text. Lecture will cover about 90% of the material in the course. the student will be expected to learn the other 10% on his own from reading the text.

TEXT: Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Serway/Jewett, Seventh edition and the 101 Lab Manual. It is also strongly recommended that the students get a problem solving book like 3000 Solved Problems in Physics by Schaums.

LAB POLICIES: LABS will be performed weekly except during test weeks. All students must attend every lab. They are a minimum requirement for the course. Students must stay the entire time and do all calculations in the lab even if all data has been taken. One lab report from each group will be collected on test dates. Lab reports will involve answering questions from the lab manual, composing graphs and completing data analysis on the Mac. They will be graded on the basis of neatness, accuracy, and completeness. The minimum requirement for a C is that they be neat, orderly, and complete.

HOMEWORK: Homework will be assigned almost every week. Students will be expected to work out their homework problems with their lab group but every student must turn in his own work. Each student should be able to explain his solutions to his partners, then if you are asked you will be able to explain the problem and your solution to the class.  HW may be accepted 1 day late, but at 10% penalty. Students who do not do homework will be dropped from the class after the third missed homework set.

OFFICE HOURS: Students will be required to visit the teachers office (CS181) once every two weeks.

MICRO GROUPS: Students will form groups of THREE with whom they will do labs and homework. One member of the group will be the designated leader and will take responsibility for the group. Group members will do everything possible to insure the success of his partners.

S.I. WORKSHOPS: Problem solving groups will meet once a week for two hours to solve non homework text problems. Students are strongly urged to attend these groups. Attendance will be mandatory for students whose work falls below a C. Exceptions may be made under special conditions with teacher approval.

QUIZZES: There will be a 10 minute quiz every Friday on lab readings and lecture material.

TESTING: All tests (except the final) will be one hour and consist of three problems and 8 conceptual questions. Two of the problems will be taken from the textbook. Tests will be one hour, closed book, open calculator, and closed notes. All formulas used in lecture will be given to the student on the test. There will be 2 semester exams. No exams may be dropped or made up. The final exam in the course will be cover the last third of the course material.

STUDENTS WHO ATTEND OVER 75% OF THE S.I. GROUPS AND STAY THE ENTIRE TIME will be given a 2% bonus on their grades.

DROP POLICY: Students may drop before the 4th week without any penalty. Any passing student who drops after this will not be allowed to take the course again for one year. Exceptions may be made under extreme circumstances.

ATTENDANCE AND LATENESS: Students who are regularly late (more than twice a week) or frequently absent (3 or more times) will be discriminated against. A student will be given one warning and then will be dropped for subsequent violations.
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