Physics 102Physics 102 is an introductory Electricity and Magnetism course on a science and engineering level. The text is Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Serway/Jewett, Seventh edition and a P102 lab manual is needed. The material to be covered will be almost all sections of chapters 23 through 34. Becasue of the nature of the material, the student will be expected to have read the text before lecture. The rate of material coverage will average about 4 lecture hours per chapter.

LAB: Labs will be held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The student will be required to complete a lab report outlining the experiment, the results, and error discussion. Lab reports will be collected on test days. Lab grades will be based 50% on these write-ups (done as a group) and 50% on a lab final (given during the regular finals time). The format of the lab report will be outlined in the lab manual. Students are required to do all labs. If a student misses a lab, his lab grade will be reduced by 10%. If he misses two labs or is regularly late to the lab, he will be dropped from the course.

HOMEWORK: Homework sets will be assigned about once a week. No late sets will be accepted. Sets will be evaluated by grading only one problem in a set. The homework counts towards 5% of the total grade.

TESTING: There will be three 2 hour exams given during the lab period and a comprehensive final. The exam will generally be 3 problems and 8 short questions with conceptual exercises. The exams will be closed book and closed notes. A student may bring one page of formulas, but on worked out problems, pictures, or drawings for the final. However most of the formulas will be given to the student, and students can bring an integral table. The lowest exam score (not included the last one), will be dropped. The last test or the finall cannot be dropped. No makeup exams are given. If a student misses an exam (except the last one) that test will be dropped. If he misses the last exam or the final he will not pass the class.
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