Physics 103PHYSICS 103 is a Calculus based introduction to geometrical optics, physical optics, thermodynamics, Special Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics.

TEXT: Fundamental of Physics Fourth Edition ( Extended Version) by Halliday and Resnick.

Material to be covered:
         Optics: Chapters 35 to 38,
         Thermodynamics: Chapters 19 to 22,
         Special Relativity: Chapter 39, and 3.5 weeks from class handouts                      Modern Physics: Chapters 40, 41, and 44

Lab: There will be lab almost every week except for exam weeks. The lab grade will be determined 50% by your lab reports and 50% by a lab final. The lab will determine at least 10% of the students grade. It will also be a major determining factor in borderline decisions. Lab reports will be collected and gradedd during the exam week.

Homework: It will be assigned weekly. Late homeworks will not be accepted after solution have been gone over in class. It will count 5% of the total grade.

Testing and Grading: There will be four 2 hour closed book, closed notes, exams and the final. Although no notes are allowed for these exams all formulas used in class will be given to the student. A FORMULA SHEET IS ALLOWED ON THE FINAL....The lowest exam score BUT NOT THE LAST ONE will automatically be dropped. No makeup exams are given. If a student misses an exam that exam will be the exam he is allowed to drop. THE TESTS consist of three problems counting 60% and 8 short answer and conceptual questions which count 40%.
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