What  is Physics ?

Physics is the SEARCH for the Fundamental laws that govern all Physical phenomena.  Physics is the assertion that underlying all physical phenomena from the smallest (atoms and their elementary particles) to the largest (the expansion of the universe) is a set of laws in terms of which it all  can be understood. The really amazing thing according to Einstein is that such laws exist at all – that the tremendous diversity of physical phenomena arise from a handful of laws that could be written in mathematical equations that could fit on one piece of paper.

   Imagine finding a tremendously large, complicated, and fascinating machine that was alive and doing all kinds of interesting things and then discovering that all the pieces fit together and ran according to a few basic patterns and rules. Physicists have found that machine – the physical universe and are trying to find the operating manual that explains how it works. We know some of what it does and how it works and wonder about all the new behavior that we haven’t yet seen or discovered.

    The search  IN  PHYSICS 110 is done through observation, measurement, experimentation and a lot of thought. Using your mind is the way you will learn physics in this class. Most of the time you will be doing simple experiments and internet investigations that will reveal the nature of physical law. Bring your manual to class every class-period. You will  need to attend  every class and be on time or you will not be able to finish the in-class experiments.

Conceptual Physics (10th Edition) by Paul Hewitt. Earlier (used) editions are fine, as the homework problems don't come out of the book.

Students are expected to attend class everyday. Students who are frequently late and/or absent will be not be able to finish all experiments and their grade will suffer. This is especially true for the night offering, as class meets just once a week.

Homework rules and regulations are different for each instructor. Please look to their syllabus for clarification.

Testing and grading rules and regulations are different for each instructor. Please look to their syllabus for clarification.
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