The International Student Office at Glendale Community College is pleased to offer, for the past decade, the following "homestay"/host family placement company for your housing needs and convenience. All potential students, their families and overseas educational advisors, are encouraged to contact "ISP" directly: 

Our Mission:  "American Family Placements for International Students for Over 20 Years!"  (

ISP Home Page:  //
** ISP Application Form download at

Phone: 650-947-8879 (or) 323-572-5578 // FAX: 650-948-1105
** Glendale "ISP" contact:  Ms. May Camson; ISP Area Coordinator for Southern Calif.

The ISP company provides various services related to host family screening, affordable housing options (w/meal plan) in the greater City of Glendale community, along with airport pick-up services (upon request).  It is very important that you make direct contact with "ISP" before your arrival in the country.  Please make sure to mention that you are a new International Student applicant with Glendale Community College. [You can download the ISP Application Forms via their Web site link.]

** As with most community colleges in California, Glendale Community College does not provide on-campus housing or dormitory facilities for its students. The International Student Office cannot act as a "real estate agent" for off-campus apartments and the signing of rental and leasing contracts. Students can find a variety of off-campus apartments and housing for rent in the local area. Currently, a one-bedroom apartment or smaller-size "studio" apartment in the surrounding Glendale area will rent from approximately $1,300 to $1,800+ per monthNote that costs will vary greatly depending on size and other amenities & accommodations.  Most apartments do not come furnished and will require a "security deposit" of some amount. [Some apartment units can be rented on a monthly basis; others will require the signing of a full year rental contract.]
-- For further apartment references, please refer to the sample Web site listings below:
(Note: the College does not endorse, nor is responsible for the information content on any housing site).,CA

Housing Rights and Fair Housing Law information:
If you questions about your housing rights as a tenant/renter please contact the "Housing Rights
Center" at: (213) 387-8400; E-mail:

City of Glendale information:,_California


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