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Accreditation: Fully Accredited Institution; “WASC”: Western Association of Schools and Colleges. GCC founded in 1927; one of the oldest of CA community colleges; Over 85 years of "Educational Excellence."

Academic Calendar:  Semester system (16 weeks). FALL Semester begins end of Aug.  SPRING Semester begins mid-February. “Summer Session” (end of June to end of July); along with short-term “Winter Inter-Session” in early January.  "New" International students applying directly from overseas should only apply for FALL or SPRING Semesters.  The short-term Sessions offer very limited class scheduling for "new" students and are best designed for "continuing students."

Admission Requirements: High School transcripts & Diploma. Or, minimum of 2.0 or "C" grade point average if transferring from U.S.-based College or University.  TOEFL score of “45” on iBT; or IELTS “band score” of 4.5 to 5.0 min. – if English is Not the first language of instruction.  Also, Affidavit of Support Form/Bank Statement, along with one-page personal essay.  ["Conditional Acceptance Letter" issued for those students without TOEFL or IELTS, and entering on the Glendale "Language Training"/Credit ESL immigration documents].

Application Deadlines (for overseas Applicants):  July 1 for FALL Semester; December 1 for SPRING Semester;  [May 15th for “Summer Session” -- Summer only for students "transferring" inside the U.S. with current/valid Form I-20.] 

Campus & Facilities:  Hillside/scenic, high tech. & modern campus of 100 acres and over 20 buildings, positioned on the slopes of the “San Rafael Mountains” – overlooking downtown City of Glendale and parts of Greater Los Angeles skyline & metro area. Safe, suburban location in ideal residential neighborhood of homes. City of Glendale has been referred to as "Jewel City" within Southern California.

Degrees Offered: Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.); along with short-term “Certificate” programs with special permission for Internationals. Total of 75 Academic Majors listed; fully “transferable” to four-year universities.

Enrollment Numbers: 16,000 students total; includes 600 International visa students (each Semester) from over 50 countries. Top Countries represented include: S. Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, China & Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Armenia.

Faculty/Staff: Full-time & part-time faculty instructors – who have earned Master’s and Doctoral degrees in their chosen discipline. Small classes (avg. class size of 25 to 30 students), seminars, and modern computer/science labs.

Housing/’Homestays’: Off-campus housing includes apartments, guest houses and American host families or “Homestay” options – via Homestay Placement Company (ISP).  Note: on-campus housing or dormitory facilities are Not available. [For Homestays contact:; Web site:].

Major Fields of Study: 75 Academic Majors leading to Associate Degrees. Popular fields of study include: Accounting, Animation Design, Arts/Fine Arts, Aviation (Flight Attendant); Business Administration, Computer Science/Information Systems, Culinary Arts (with Hotel/Hospitality); Dance, Graphic Design, Mass Communications, Music, R.N.Nursing, Natural/Physical Sciences, Theatre & Performing Arts.  [Also, short-term Certificates in many Academic Depts; refer to GCC Catalog.] 

Setting and Climate/Weather: Small-city/suburban atmosphere within Greater Los Angeles metro area. City of Glendale has over 200,000 residents. Professional, neighborhood community located 10 miles (approx. 15 to 20 kilometers) northeast of Downtown Los Angeles. Very safe, residential campus area.  Also, “temperate” dry climate year-round – ranging from 15 degrees Celsius in winter months, to 35 degrees Celsius in summer months.

Transfer Rate to Universities:  Glendale Community College traditionally has one of the highest “transfer rates”  within the California system of community colleges. Most Glendale College students (following completion of the Associate Degree and min. of 60 units of semester credit) transfer to the various campuses comprising the California State University (CSU) system, or the University of California (UC) system. Also, “transfer agreements” with many 'private' institutions include: University of Southern California (USC), Loyola Marymount U., Pepperdine U. & Occidental College -- among other Regionally Accredited institutions.

Tuition & Fees/Living Expenses: Tuition & Fees (Academic Year 2015-16): $6,145 USD (full-time; two semesters). Estimated off-campus living expenses: $12,000 USD. Total costs for bank statement = $20,500 USDNote: above costs are subject to periodic/annual changes. [Please plan your budget accordingly]. Tuition/Fees are paid per Semester upon registration.  No "Advanced Deposit" required.

International Student Office  (S.R. Bldg., 2nd Fl.)
1500 North Verdugo Road
Glendale, CA 91208-2894  USA
Ph: 1+ 818-240-1000, Ext. 5439, 6645 & 5440 
FAX: 1+ 818-240-1345

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