News Review
Daily parking permit pay stations installed on campus
Posted Date: 9/7/2012

Subject: Pay and Display Parking Permit Program

The City of Glendale and the Glendale Community College District’s Joint Parking Authority (JPA) have approved the installation of parking pay stations on campus. This will allow the purchase of a daily parking permit for use during the week and also on weekends . Effective September 10, 2012, daily parking permits will be available for use in the upper/open parking lot (Lot B) and the upper floors of the parking structure (floors 3-6), each day. Daily parking permits may NOT be used during the week (Monday-Friday) in faculty/staff lots --- including Lot A, Lot G and the faculty/staff parking area of the parking structure (floors 1-2). Weekend use is permissible with a daily parking permit.

There are three (3) parking pay stations next to the Glendale College Police substation. There are also three (3) five-minute parking spaces next to the pay stations to allow time to pull into the space, purchase a parking pass, and then to park in Lot B. There will no longer be 30 minute free parking spaces in Lot B.

Beginning September 10, 2012, parking will be enforced 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., 7-days a week. If a faculty member, staff member or student has a valid Glendale College parking permit, there is no need to purchase a daily parking permit. However, it is necessary to display your Glendale College parking permit from the rear view mirror of your vehicle when properly parking on campus, 7-days a week, in order to avoid receipt of a citation. If a faculty member or staff member does not have a Glendale College parking permit or has forgotten their permit, they will need to stop by the Glendale College Police Dept. in the Sierra Madre Bldg. to obtain one. Students should contact the bookstore or the Student Fees Office in the Administration Building (for BOG students) to purchase their parking permits.

The cost to purchase a daily parking permit will be $3.00 per day. No partial payment will be allowed. This will be a pay-and-display system. The daily permit must be properly displayed by placing it face-up on the dashboard of the vehicle. If the permit is placed face down or is not visible on the dashboard, the driver may be subject to a citation for improperly displaying the daily parking permit. The pay stations will only take coins (quarters and dollar coins) and credit cards or debit cards – NO BILLS.

Each parking pay station has simple directions to follow. Press 1 to start the process. When prompted, insert the appropriate number of coins or a credit/debit card and follow the directions. The daily parking permit will be printed. Take it and place it face up on your vehicle dashboard. An educational program will be implemented during the first week of school (cadets will be handing out flyers). A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list will also be posted on the web page. Through the Public Information Office, we will be providing information regarding the pay and display program.

This pay and display system will NOT replace any of the processes currently utilized to accommodate faculty and staff members with special parking needs and requests. The Glendale College Police Department remains committed to provide services for each department, faculty member and staff member as well as all students. If there are specific or temporary parking needs for dignitaries, guests, guest-speakers, vendors, etc., please email with the request or contact the Glendale College Police Department at (818) 551-5205 for assistance.

Lastly, LOT F (at Towne Ave/Verdugo Rd.) is a metered lot only, available for use by visitors, staff and/or faculty. As noted, Lot F requires coins to be inserted into the parking meters. A Glendale College parking permit is not authorized for use in Lot F unless specified. When construction begins next spring in Lot A for the new student services lab building, parking in Lot A will be restricted to allow the construction company to begin its work and store its equipment. FYI -daily parking permits will NOT be allowed in Lot A next spring (2013), including weekends, once the building construction begins. If there are any questions, please contact the Glendale College Police Department at (818) 551-5205 or via email at