Not all courses are offered each semester.
Some music courses were renumbered in Spring, 1994.

125 History and Literature (3 Units)

Music 125 covers the history of music from the early Christian era through the Baroque Period. In addition to lectures and readings, the course includes a study of live and recorded musical performances. Recognition of composers and styles is emphasized. Lecture 3 hours, directed listening 2 hours. Recommended preparation: It is strongly recommended that students entering Music 125 be able to read music well enough to identify key signatures and transpositions, and be able to follow a musical score. Note: Students are required to attend concerts featuring music from the historical periods being studied, and to submit written reports. Students are urged to take Music 125 and 126 within the same academic year. Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC (CAN MUS 8) (Music 125 and 126 CAN MUS SEQ B)



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