Not all courses are offered each semester.
Some music courses were renumbered in Spring, 1994.

140 Applied Music (1 Unit)

Music 140 is a course in individual and ensemble performance. Students receive 8 hours of private instruction on a solo instrument. Emphasis is on solo performance through indivdual instruction, recital performance through participation in a recital class, and ensemble performance through participation in a performing ensemble. Lecture 1, laboratory 0.5 hours. Prerequisite: The student must demonstrate a basic proficiency on his or her instrument or voice. Corequisite: Students must be concurrently enrolled in a one-unit section of one of the following performing ensembles: Music 143, 146, 147, 148, 231, 234, 235 or 240. Note: An audition is required. Please contact the instructor at ext. 5829 prior to the first class meeting. This course may be taken 4 times; a maximum of 4 units may be earned. Transfer credit: CSU, UC, USC



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