Account Clerk II  

This program prepares students for bookkeeping, accounting, and reconciling positions.

The series of courses allows students to learn advanced accounting techniques, advanced computerized accounting systems, and the advanced use of Excel spreadsheets; attain skill development in keyboarding through speed drills and the production of reports and other business documents; and develop customer service skills. Successful completion of Account Clerk I, or the equivalent, is required for entry into this program.

The core requirements include seven courses and one elective. Students must satisfactorily complete all eight courses to be awarded a certificate of completion. Students completing this program would be well prepared to matriculate to a college-level business management program.

Core Courses

Completion of Account Clerk I or equivalent.

Enroll in this course first and attend when not in other courses:

  • OBT 023 Advanced Account Clerk

Take at any time, in any order:

  • OBT 091 Advanced MS Excel
  • OBT 100 Beginning MS Word
  • OBT 095 QuickBooks
  • OBT 097 Peachtree
  • OBT 035 On-the-Job Communication
  • OBT 050 Customer Service Skills
  • OBT 138 MS Outlook (elective)
  • OBT 113 Access (elective)

Final computer course (if chosen):

  • OBT 150 Integrated Technology (elective)
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