EMT 140 - 8.0 units

This course is offered each semester. It prepares students to apply for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. EMT 140 is a 8.0 unit class which combines theory and clinical experiences to enable students to seek entry level work in that field.

For information regarding this course, please contact Rick Hayne, who coordinates the program:

Telephone 240-1000, ext. 5838 
Health Sciences Rm 324

EMT 140 prepares students for entry-level employment as a first responder, administering emergency care to sick and injured persons.

Students completing the course are most frequently interested in becoming a firefighter, paramedic, or law enforcement officer. Others utilize the program as a foundation for pursuing careers in other areas of healthcare such as nursing, physician assistant, and medicine. Upon successful course completion, students receive a certificate that permits them to apply for the State of California Certification Exam.

The course integrates lecture and skills practice with equipment used in the field. Role-playing scenarios are used to provide practice using the equipment and applying classroom content. Students spend 16 - 20 hours in a health care facility observing and participating in the care of patients. One to two shifts of ambulance ride-a-long experience are also scheduled during the semester for each student.

NOTE: Los Angeles County may deny certification based on prior history or conviction of a crime, acts of dishonesty, fraud, or deceit.

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