Upon successful completion of the Program, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Utilize the knowledge and skills derived from the core curriculum to guide clinical practice of the sick and injured.
  2. Perform an assessment appropriate in level to the patient’s status and developmental level.
  3. Delegate appropriately to other health care team members in order to provide safe, effective and fluid transition of patient care.
  4. Delegate appropriately to health care team members to provide safe and effective care to a group of patients.
  5. Adapt care to the patient’s present or developing stage of health.
  6. Collaborate and coordinate with other members of the health care team in acute and long-term care facilities to promote an optimal degree of care for the patient and other interested parties.
  7. Effectively communicate constantly with other team members, the patient, and the family.
  8. Always assume immediate responsibility for the care of assigned patients, including supervision of care given by other team members.
  9. Consistently document relevant patient information according to standards of practice.
  10. Judge the effectiveness of emergency interventions by determining patient response to treatment through continuous evaluations.
  11. Continuously modify care to achieve desired goals.
  12. Assume responsibility for the care of patients, including the supervision of care provided by other members of the health care team.
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