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Meditation Class
Begin your practice of mindfulness
Date: 11/20/2012 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
Location: SR 114

New to meditation?

Not sure if you're "doing it right"?

Have a lot of questions about your practice?

Want to feel the support of your community to help you with your practice?

This class is designed for those new to meditation or those who would like a refresher. 
There will be simple instructions in the practice of Insight or Mindfulness meditation and ways to include it in your daily life. 
You will have a chance to ask all your questions and we'll have some discussion. 

Come begin your practice of mindfulness-both on and off the cushion

JoAnna Harper has been exploring and practicing multiple traditions since 1999.  In 2005, her focus landed on Buddhism and Vipassana meditation, which is the premise for most of her current teaching.  Although her main focus is on working with youth through her bi-weekly children's and teen sanghas, teen day long retreats, residential retreats and work in the juvenile justice system, she is also co-teaching adult residential retreats as well as leading a "Year to Live" practice and teaching one-on-one sessions.  Her favorite teaching tools are working in Council and relational midfulness.  She is a recent graduate of Noah Levine's teacher training program and is trained through the
Ojai Foundation as a Council facilitator.