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At Glendale Community College, Adapted Physical Education focuses on the importance of personalized physical activity programs. The composition of each student’s activity program varies from one individual to another.

Participation in Glendale College’s Adapted Physical Education program can:

  1. Improve physical fitness and motor skills necessary for activities of daily living;
  2. Develop positive self-image and feelings of self-worth; and
  3. Build skills and abilities which will enable participation in both academic and leisure/recreational pursuits.

Course Offerings

P.E. 130 Adapted Activities – Provides an overview of numerous sports and recreational activities with an emphasis on any necessary adapted strategies to promote successful student participation. Students who enroll in this class will participate in a variety of team and individual sports.

P.E. 131 Self-Defense for the Disabled - Students enrolled in this class will learn the long form of Yang style T’ai Chi Ch’uan. The benefits of this class are in learning the soft form of martial arts and in the relaxation and breathing techniques which can lead to stress reduction.

P.E. 132 Adapted Aquatics - From non-swimmer to advanced swimmer, the adapted aquatics program serves all levels of students. Emphasis is placed on personalization of student programs.

P.E. 134 Wellness and Fitness Lab – In the Lifestyle Fitness Center, students have access to a facility which houses state of the art exercise and diagnostic equipment. The total facility has been designed for accessibility and ease of use by this student population.

P.E. 135 Adapted Indoor Cycling – Provides a low-impact, high intensity aerobic workout to music on stationary bikes. Students will learn about safety and proper cycling techniques, as well as build their fitness levels to be able to participate in 60 minute long indoor cycling routines. Thanks to a generous grant from the Glendale Oakmont League, an upper body cycle is available for students who are not able to transfer onto the bike.

Dance 150 Physical Reintegration - A creative movement and dance class designed for students with disabilities. This class covers exploration of body image awareness, integration of the senses through movement, and relaxation techniques.

Contact Information:

Dr. Lee Parks
Phone:  (818) 240-1000  x5557

Laura Matsumoto, OTR/L
Phone:  (818) 240-1000  x3192

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