Workability - student sitting with teacher

WorkAbility Clients Typically Are:

  • College students
  • Displaced workers

WorkAbility’s Purpose:

  • To assist clients in identifying a career
  • To identify client’s job skills and interest
  • To provide employment opportunities in the community

WorkAbility will help the Employer by:

  • Pre-screening potential employees
  • Providing qualified candidates who match your company’s needs
  • Making available a job accommodations specialist (no charge)
  • Offering intervention support from a placement specialist (no charge)

WorkAbility will help Clients by:

  • Identifying your job skills
  • Matching your job skills with a career
  • Helping you design a job resume
  • Developing your interviewing skills
  • Assisting you with job placement
  • Assisting you with job retention
  • WKA Clients will complete enough job related instruction to obtain employment or to make a career decision.


Ellen Oppenberg
WA III  Placement Coordinator
LB 124B
818-240-1000 ext. 5529





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