Test proctoring is available as an accommodation for students who require the use of a computer in order to complete exams and have registerd with GCC's Center for Students with Disabilities.  Here are the steps all students must follow in order to receive proctoring services EACH SEMESTER:

Step Number Activity Location Campus Extension
1 Meet with a DSPS counselor and sign a Student Educational Contract (SEC). SR 2nd floor 5905
2 Schedule an Accommodations meeting appointment with one of the High Tech Specialists SG 108 5402
3 Sign a Proctoring contract for each class you will be using proctoring services for
4 Take Proctoring Authorization to your instructor for his/her signature



For more information, please call 818.240.1000 ext. 5402 or email Tina Andersen-Wahlberg

Last updated: 5/28/2009 4:00:21 PM