Acquiring IAC Services and Accommodations

You must be a currently registered student at Glendale College, and either taking classes or intending to start classes in the upcoming session.

Learning Disabilities Assessment

Make an appointment to see a counselor in the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). You can do this by calling them at (818) 240-1000, or by stopping in their office on the second floor of the San Rafael building. They are the first office on the left.

The counselor will talk with you to determine if testing would be appropriate and beneficial to you. If it is, she will briefly explain the process, and send you to the IAC with a referral. The counselor will otherwise suggest an alternative plan of action that would better serve your needs.

Test Proctoring

In order to utilize the test proctoring services, you must first register a current, valid Verification of Disability (VOD) with the CSD office in San Rafael.

You will come in to the IAC in the first week of every new semester and make an appointment to meet with a Learning Specialist. The Specialist will determine for which of your classes test proctoring will be an appropriate accommodation. She will determine how much extra time is necessary for each class. She may also approve a reader, scribe, enlarged print, split tests, spell checker, word processor, multiplication tables, calculator, taped tests, breaks, or a distraction reduced setting. This will depend on your specific limitations as a result of your disability, as well as the specific demands of each course.

Specialized Tutoring

You must be registered with CSD and be currently enrolled in a math or English class at GCC in order to utilize our specialized tutoring.

Enroll in Student Development 143. This is a 2-unit variable unit class. I

Next, come in to the IAC in the first week of the semester and make an appointment to meet with a Learning Specialist. Together you will work out a schedule of hours when you will come to the IAC to work on your math or English with the tutors.

You must complete a total of 96 hours throughout the semester in order to receive the 2 units of credit. Since it is a variable unit class, if you complete at least 24 hours of study in the IAC you will receive the minimum .5 unit. You must log in hours on the computer every week, on a consistent basis.

Learning Specialists

As long as you are a current student and you’re registered with CSD, you can make appointments to meet with a Learning Specialist. Do this by stopping in the IAC and asking Ann to give you an appointment, or call her at (818) 240-1000, extension 5530. We look forward to working with you.

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