It is the student's responsibility to begin making arrangements for accommodations as near to the beginning of the semester as possible. Begin by having your accommodations approved by a Specialist or your counselor. Instructors are asked not to agree to an accommodation that has not been approved by CSD.

If it is difficult for you to take tests/ exams under standard conditions, you may have test proctoring approved. If you will be taking your tests on a computer, you will need to see a Specialist in the High Tech Center. After evaluating your computer skills and educational limitations, they may have you complete a blue form for test proctoring.

If your tests will be on paper, not computer, your test proctoring arrangements will be made with a Learning Specialist in the IAC. After evaluating your educational limitations, they may have you complete a green form for test proctoring.

You will then take your form to your instructor, thus alerting them that you will be having your tests proctored by CSD.

Last updated: 6/1/2009 4:12:58 PM