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GCC Robotics Academy
Posted Date: 7/31/2014 1:00 PM

OUR ROBOTICS ACADEMY PROGRAM gives you an opportunity to apply the concepts and skills you learn in class to BUILD COOL STUFF! Through this program you will:
·  develop practical engineering skills
·  participate in hands-on team projects
·  make connections between theory and practice
·  gain exposure to career and internship opportunities

OUR PROGRAM OFFERS COURSES AT A RANGE OF SKILL LEVELS. The program is comprised of multiple skills tiers, with courses focused on various aspects of engineering. So we offer a course that’s right for you, regardless of your interest or level of experience. There are still spaces available in many classes—please check out the LIST OF FALL CLASSES.


For more information, please come to a ROBOTICS ACADEMY ORIENTATION SESSION:
Friday, August 1 | 9 AM | Location: SB 161
Monday, August 4 | 10 AM | Location: SB 161
Tuesday, August 5 | 9 AM & 2 PM | Location: SB 161

Wednesday, August 6 | 9 AM & 2 PM | Location: SB 161
Thursday, August 7 | 9 AM & 2 PM | Location: SB 161

*Each orientation will last approx. 30 minutes. There is no rsvp required


THE ROBOTICS CAPSTONE TEAM may be of particular interest to you if you're looking for an opportunity to build something you can be proud of. ENGR 298 & 299 is a two-semester sequence in which students design and build a complex robotic system as a multi-disciplinary team. For more information and help enrolling, please visit one of the above orientation sessions. In the meantime, please check out this video, produced by GCC Media Arts faculty, profiling the 2012-13 team that started the GCC robotic arm project: arm project continued with a new team of students throughout 2013-14, and many of those team members are featured in this video, produced by a GCC Media Arts student, profiling the Robotics Academy in general:

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Robotics Academy, including Fall 2014 course offerings, visit:

We hope to see you in a robotics class in the fall!

Contact Tom Voden, Robotics Academy Director | 818/240-1000, x5628