Credit ESL Studies - ESL Division

  • Audio CDs or DVDs to accompany listening/speaking textbooks
  • Computerized self-paced programs for improving grammar, writing, reading, listening, speaking skills such as Rosetta Stone and Longman Interactive
  • Computerized dictionaries
  • Videos & DVDs
  • Internet access
  • Access to black & white or color pay printers

We offer audio CD copying services for students when allowed by the publisher.

books on library cart 

The ESL Reading Cafe offers a reading lounge for ESL students to read and listen to audiobooks designed for their level. 

Foreign Language Studies - Language Arts Division

Offers the following languages:

Armenian, Chinese,  French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

  • Rosetta Stone v.3 software for Italian & Japanese
  • Before You Know It! Flashcard software for Armenian, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish
  • Audio CDs to supplement classroom listening, speaking activities
  • Computerized self-paced programs for improving grammar, reading, listening, & pronunciation skills
  • Video programs, including Spanish video series: Destinos and French in Action
  • Internet access to Moodle

                             Speech Communication Studies - Language Arts Division

  • Videos of famous speeches
  • Video "No Brainers:  Speeches"
  • Computer software program with step-by-step approach to all aspects of giving speeches
  • VCR/DVD players to view personal taped speeches
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