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Join us for an information session to learn how The College Network® and its partners in education
can help you advance your education while you work

* earn your bachelor degree online while you work!

Programs Offerings*

• LPN/LVN to AS in Nursing (RN)
• LPN/LVN to BS in Nursing (RN)
• RN to BS in Nursing
• RN to MS in Nursing
• MS in Nursing

• Health Information Management
• Healthcare Administration
• Healthcare Management

• Business
• Business Analysis and Management
• Management
• Management of Human Resources
• Marketing Management

Professional Studies
• Fire Science
• Criminal Justice Administration
• Legal Studies
• Project Management
• Security Management
• Software Development

Professional Certificates
• Project Management
• Paralegal
• Lean Six Sigma

Exam Preparation
• Rx for NCLEX® Success (RN)
• Question Review Bank (RN & PN)
• ePatient® Clinical Readiness Package (PN)

Continuing Nursing Education
• Ethics in Nursing
• Medication Safety
• Patient Rights

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