1. Associate of Arts Degree(AA) - Music (Click here for requirements)Glendale Community College prepares students for successful transfer to four-year colleges and universities or for successful placement or advancement in rewarding careers. Among its primary functions supporting these objectives are the following:

a.   Associate in Arts/Associate in Science: Education toward the granting of AA/AS degree(s)  is provided in accordance with approved graduation requirements. General Education Requirements, AA Music major requirements, coursework form the core of the required curriculum, the balance being electives.

b.  Education for meeting the lower division requirements of a university or a four-year  college:  The college offers many courses which are equivalent to those available in freshman and sophomore years at the University of California, the California State University and other colleges and universities in the United States. A student  will receive full credit for all college and university level work done at Glendale Community College provided that the work meets the specific requirements of the college or university to which the student transfers.


2. Music Certificate (click here for requirements)

The Music Certificate Programs provides opportunities for students to prepare themselves for a wide variety of careers in music. If students decide they do not want to go immediately into the job market, but want to continue their education at a four-year college or university, they will find that many courses in certificate programs will transfer to four-year institutions.

  1. Certificates of Completion are issued upon request by the Office of Admissions and Records to students who have qualified for them by completing the required curriculums.   Students must have an average grade of "C" in all courses constituting the certificate program.
  2. To earn a certificate, students must complete the number of units required by the division. All certificate programs consist of a minimum of 18 units.
  3. At least 12 units of the required courses must be completed at Glendale Community College.


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