If you would like to take an online class, you will first need to register for the course ( click here for more information on Glendale College application or class registration.)




Online music courses are currently offered through Moodle, C4E.  It is important that you attend the in-person orientation for your class section to make sure you know the steps you need to take to log in to your course.  


Please check the class schedule for the orientation time and location for the music course you have registered for.  If you cannot attend your in-person orientation you must contact your instructor in advance.  Students who are not at the in-person orientation for their section may be dropped from the course to make room for wait-listed and/or crashing students.  


If you are on a class wait list or wish to crash a class you need to attend the in-person orientation and check-in with the instructor who can then determine whether or not their is space available in the course. Add codes are usually not available for courses before the time of the in-person orientation.

Contact information for class instructors is available below or by clicking on Meet the Faculty.


Textbooks, materials, and access codes are generally available through the Glendale College Bookstore or available for online purchase through the particular delivery system for your section.  Advanced purchase is usually possible but not required.  Make sure to attend the in-person orientation for your section, or contact your instructor, for specific information on access codes, materials, or textbooks that will be required for your class section.  


After the in-person orientation for a course students will have a limited window of time (usually a few days) to complete the purchase of required materials and log in to their class section.  Failure to meet the required deadline (set by each instructor and announced at the in-person orientation) may result in being dropped from the course. 


All music online courses require an in-person final exam.  Specific dates and times will be available from the instructor of each class section.



Music Fundamentals Online (MU 101)

Several sections of Music 101 are being taught this Spring 2015 semester.  These sections will be using the GCC online class portal (Moodle) and will require the purchase of a textbook from the GCC Bookstore or an eBook online at wwnorton.com.

Music Appreciation Online (MU 120)

Several sections of Music 120 are being taught this Spring 2015 semester.  Please attend your scheduled orientation or check with your instructor for specific information. There will be an in-person final exam


World Music Online (MU 127)

One section of Music 127 is being taught this Spring 2015 semester.  An on-campus orientation is required for Music 127.  Check the schedule of classes for more information.  There will be an in-person final exam.

If you have enrolled in an online class and cannot log-on, please contact your instructor. 

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