DeniseHow did you get involved?
With more than 27 years of service with my former employer, I suddenly found myself unemployed. I have been attending classes at the Glendale Community College’s Garfield Campus for adult training with several of my former co-workers for approximately six months.

What's next?
This campus has provided me a golden opportunity by preparing me for a new job search with updated and new skills. I intend to continue my education and training until I have completed as many classes to further my career and job search as possible.

Overall impression?
The setting at the Garfield Campus has been nothing less than magnificent. All of the staff and instructors are top-notch. They are very professional, accommodating and compassionate. I highly recommend the experience to any one and every one considering improving their skills or learning new ones.

Last updated: 11/12/2009 11:57:01 AM