AlejandraI came to the United States in 2004, met my husband and married in 2005. I was overwhelmed with so many new things: obtaining my residence status, learning to navigate using the bus system, and adapting myself to a different culture and language. Meanwhile, I was sending my resume to various institutions. I taught Spanish and worked as a tour guide in my homeland before relocating to the US.

Through a contact I met Deborah Kinley, Career Resources Center Manager, who told me about the free Noncredit courses offered at the Garfield Campus. In addition, I spoke with Elodia Collins, Academic Counselor, for guidance on classes that would expand my job opportunities. I enrolled in a number of computer classes, but I was still unsure on how and where to look for a job.

Finally, a classmate told me to take the course called “21st Century Employment Strategies.” He told me that class and instructor, Cindy Pollack, were marvelous. I felt I finally was on the right path. During this course I was able to make an accurate and updated resume—no wonder my previous applications for teacher positions were not answered!!

I followed Cindy’s teachings to the letter—every little detail she taught: from how to dress, what to say and what not to say in an interview to writing a cover letter and a thank you note--and it worked. Upon completion of this course, and a subsequent interview, I found a position almost immediately.

I am very thankful to Glendale Community College and all of the people who helped me in the process of getting the tools in order to reach my goals.

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