EldisHow did you get involved?
Prior to attending the Garfield Campus, I was a full-time employee at a manufacturing company working as an accounts payable lead. I had no time to attend school as I had such a busy life. I decided to enroll in classes to improve my accounting and secretarial skills.

Overall impressions?
By joining Glendale Community College’s Garfield Campus, I have seen improvement in both my confidence and self-esteem. All of the teachers are fantastic; they are knowledgeable, courteous, helpful, and respectful and are always there for you to answer any questions.

What's next?
I have great plans for my future. I am hoping to relocate and find a good career utilizing the skills I obtained at this campus. I also hope to continue my education with a local community college in my spare time.

Last updated: 11/12/2009 4:07:39 PM