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    Ryun Hovind has been a film and video editor for the past 15 years. After graduating from college in 1998 he went on to work for an NBC affiliate in Peoria, IL where his duties included commercial production work, camera operation for live newscasts, and live audio engineering.

    Ryun worked as the Director of New Media at Lightning Media for the last two years, working with Kona 3 cards and Final Cut Pro. He is certified in FCP and specializes in Final Cut Studio's advanced features.

      In 2009 Ryun migrated to the world of academia where he currently provides supplemental instruction for students in DVD Studio, Final Cut Studio, Pro Tools, and Adobe CS.

 Visit Ryun's official website.

    To read an article reviewing Firestore's direct-to-disk technologies click here. Click here to read the article "All in a Day's Work", which chronicles video coverage of the 11 day Los Angeles Film Festival.

    Click here to read an article about Ryun's involvement with AFI FEST 2006. Click here to read a book review on "Advanced Editing Techniques in Final Cut Pro".

    While most of his edited works have not shown up on IMDB, Ryun's official page is here.

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