Sophomore 18 Unit Checklist







Scheduling Classes

Classes should end NO LATER : M - W - F: 12:10    T/Th: 10:45am   



i. Freshmen - Mandatory PE Classes:  PE 149 Baseball Theory, PE 148 Intercollegiate Baseball + at least 9 academic Units

Current PHYSICAL exam & Insurance Paper Work completed (see athletic trainers x. 5540)

ii.  SophomoresMandatory PE Classes: PE 148 Intercollegiate Baseball + at least 9 academic Units

iii. Class Times- Classes Should End:

Freshman requirements for eligibility to participate

1. 2.0 GPA + Student Educational Plan (SEP)

2.3. Must be enrolled in 12 units for the duration of the season (spring semester).

a. 9 units must be academic.

b. At any point, if the student drops below 12 units he/she is declared ineligible and the team must forfeit all games that the athlete participates in.



Sophomore requirements for eligibility to participate

1. All Freshman requirements, PLUS;

2. S.E.P. completed from counselor

3. 24 units completed with a passing grade from Spring of 1st season of participation

a. Example: UNITS PASSED

i. 15 units Fall-‘08

ii. 4 units Winter-‘09

iii. 12 units Spring-‘09 Competed this semester

iv. 2 units Summer I/II

v. Fall-’09

How many units would I need to complete to be eligible for next season?   12+2=14 I Would need at LEAST 10 units in FALL '09 completed for eligibility for 2nd season

2.Units passed in Fall’08 + Winter’09 are not wasted, but can not be used toward the required 24, they will be used to transfer to next level.




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