• All new buildings on campus incorporate reclaimed water for use in toilets.
  • All campus buildings incorporate waterless urinals.
  • Approximately 90% of the campus landscape is watered with reclaimed water.
  • Much of the campus landscaping is planted with drought-tolerant species and the area committed to such xeroscaping is increasing.

Green Team suggestions include developing formal policies that:

  • Reduce the consumption and resultant waste of plastic water bottles on campus. It takes oil to make the bottles and only 20% are ever recycled. It takes oil to deliver the bottles to campus. The bottled water being sold in machines on campus is currently Vernon, California tap water. We currently litter our campus and the Scholl Canyon Landfill with empty bottles of Vernon tap water when Glendale's tap water is at least as good. Glendale Water and Power water quality reports can be viewed online at any time. They test the local water in Glendale more than 100 times per week.
  • Provide high quality reusuable water bottles for sale or as gifts to students and staff.
  • Provide water bottle refilling stations at multiple locations on campus.
Last updated: 10/15/2010 11:18:17 AM