At the moment Glendale Community College does not offer a major or degree in Environmental Studies or Enviornmental Technology. A Greentech vocational program is underdevelopment. Efforts to creae an Environmental Studies major will begin in the spring of 2010.

The following courses offered at Glendale Community College include investigation of the earth, it's processes, or human and social interaction with earth processes:

  • Biology 122--Introduction to Biology
  • Biology 102--Introductory Biology for Majors
  • Biology 125/126--Marine Biology
  • Biology 146--Marine Mammals
  • Biology 131--Natural History of Baja California
  • Geography 101 - Physical Geography
  • Geography 111 - Physical Geography Laboratory
  • Geography 106 - Human Impact on the Environment 
  • Geology 101 - Physical Geology
  • Geology 111 - Physical Geology Laboratory 
  • Oceanography 115 - Oceanography
  • Oceanography 116 - Oceanography Lab

Courses that are not currently offered but are in our course catalog and could be revived:

  • Geology 102 - Environmental Geology
  • Geology 112 - Environmental Geology Lab

    This list is under development and is not to be considered complete. (11/11/2009)

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