Time & Location: 2nd Thursday & 4th Tuesday, 12:00-1:30 pm, room: TBA

Mission Statement

The Budget subcommittee is responsible for monitoring the budget development process and the ongoing implementation of the annual college budget. This committee is responsible for setting priorities within both short-term and long-term income and expense expectations.

The budget process begins with units preparing a recommended budget for their specific area. A participatory process is used within each unit to ensure that requests are responsive to campus needs and reflect established goals and objectives of the college. The units' requested budgets are forwarded to the appropriate Vice-Presidents of Administrative Affairs, Student Services and Academic Affairs. The Vice-Presidents then forward area budget priorities to the Budget subcommittee which is charged with recommending to College Executive Committee a complete budget proposal. The Superintendent/ President is responsible for presentation of the final budget proposal to the Board of Trustees.

Under the direction of the Vice President of Administrative Services, administrative services personnel will produce the various fiscal documents requested by the budget subcommittee, the Board of Trustees, and various state agencies. Statutory regulations and deadlines, relative to budget development, must be adhered to.

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