The Art Gallery @ GCC is pleased to feature artist Tina Linville, who presents eight large-scale sculptures and wall pieces for her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Linville’s artworks are tactile, dense, unfurling fiber pieces, that combine nylon, netting, yarn, dyed fabrics, beads, found objects, paint, pins, and thread bound together via an array of textile construction techniques. The exhibition entitled Elastic Fringe evolved over two months, with Linville working between the The Gallery @ GCC and her studio space in Long Beach, California.

Linville’s complex sculptural forms defy easy categorization and emerge via a repetitive and endless studio practice of collection, amalgamation and reworking. The conceptual anchors of the show are elasticity – the ability to stretch yet return structure – and fringe – the action soft tendrils along the edges among forms. The effect is an installation of morphing objects that reflect the malleable aspects of experience. The show is a presentation of almost animate forms – budding, adhering, outgrowing -  that exist as discreet objects, but also interplay in an inseparable network. 

Linville’s vision contributes to contemporary movements in fiber sculpture, and is in dialogue with recent exhibitions exploring sculpture by women. Her practice follows investigations of the subconscious, including surrealism, modernist abstract sculpture and feminism.  Also, Elastic Fringe continues the recent curatorial emphasis the Gallery@ GCC, which highlights artists who combine fiber, conceptual projects, and process-based making. The result are objects that can emerge in no other way but their own.

Linville received her MFA from Cal State Long Beach, where she is currently teaching in the fiber department. She also maintains a collaborative art practice with Los Angeles-based painter Annelie McKenzie. 

Please join us for a public reception to congratulate the artist on Saturday, September 17th from 4 to 6pm.  Information at www.glendale.edu/artgallery or on facebook at @artgalleryGCC.

Visit the artist's studio:  www.tinalinville.com

To view the exhibition online, click here.

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