Time & Location:  2nd Thursday, 2:00-3:00pm, room: TBA

Mission Statement

Matriculation is defined as a process that brings the college and the student who enrolls for credit into an agreement for the purpose of realizing the student's educational objective through the college's established programs, policies and requirements. This agreement is implemented by the student's educational plan. The Governing Board of Glendale community College is required under Section 51024 of Title V to adopt a comprehensive matriculation plan that includes the eight matriculation components, (admissions, orientation, assessment, counseling and advisement, student follow-up, coordination and training, institutional research and prerequisites), to evaluate its matriculation process, to establish procedures for waivers and appeals of the matriculation process, and to comply with all other matriculation regulations as specified in the Education Code.

It is the purpose of the Student Success and Support Program Committee to review and recommend matriculation policies, procedures and activities, to enhance the campus-wide understanding of the philosophy and processes of matriculation, and to increase the success of all students.

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