Jan. 27 Tuesday Cerritos College Cerritos College 2pm      L 6-5
Jan. 29 Thursday Mt. SAC College Mt. SAC College 2 pm
Jan. 31 Saturday Rio Hondo College Rio Hondo College 2 pm
Feb. 3 Tuesday Los Angeles Pierce College Stengel Field 2 pm
Feb. 5 Thursday Santa Barbara City College Santa Barbara 2 pm
Feb. 10 Tuesday Oxnard College Oxnard College 2 pm
Feb. 11 Wednesday  Saddleback College  Stengel Field  3 pm 
Feb. 12 Thursday Los Angeles Pierce College Pierce College 2 pm
Feb. 17 Tuesday Palomar College UCR (Tent) TBA
Feb. 19 Thursday Santa Ana College Santa Ana College 2 pm
Feb. 20 Friday Cypress College Cypress College 2 pm
Feb. 21 Saturday  De Anza College (DH)  Stengel Field  10 am   
Mar. 3 Tuesday  West L.A. College West L.A. College  2 pm 
Mar. 5 Thursday Antelope Valley College Stengel Field 2 pm
Mar. 7 Saturday Bakersfield College Stengel Field 1 pm
Mar. 10 Tuesday L.A. Mission College Mission College 2 pm
Mar. 12 Thursday Citrus College Stengel Field 2:30 pm
Mar. 13 Friday L.A. Valley College  Stengel Field (Away) 2:00 pm
Mar. 17 Tuesday College of the Canyons Canyons 2:30 pm
Mar. 19 Thursday West L.A. College Stengel Field 2:30 pm
Mar. 21 Saturday West L.A. College West L.A. College  1:00 pm
Mar. 24 Tuesday Antelope Valley College Antelope Valley College 2:30 pm
Mar. 26 Thursday Antelope Valley College Stengel Field 2:30 pm
Mar. 27  Friday Bakersfield College Bakersfield 6:00 pm
Mar. 31 Tuesday Santa Barbara City College Stengel Field 2:30 pm
April 2 Thursday Victor Valley College Victor Valley 2:30 pm
April 7 Tuesday Bakersfield College Stengel Field 6:00 pm
April 9 Thursday L.A. Mission College Stengel Field 2:30 pm
April 11 Saturday L.A. Mission College L.A. Mission 1:00 pm
April 14 Tuesday Citrus College Citrus 2:30 pm
April 16 Thursday Citrus College Stengel Field 2:30 pm
April 18 Saturday L.A. Valley College Stengel Field 1:00 pm
April 21  Tuesday  L.A. Valley College  Stengel Field (Away) 2:30 pm 
April 23 Thursday College of the Canyons Stengel Field 2:30 pm
April 24 Friday College of the Canyons Canyons 2:00 pm
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