At Glendale Community College you can study contemporary music in a variety of popular, commercial, and technology areas.  Here are some of the current course offerings in these areas.

Music Technology and Commercial Music Courses

Music 171 - Introduction to Music Business

Music 176 - Introduction to Songwriting

Music 177 - Introduction to Music Technology and Sequencing

This course uses Apple Logic Pro software and Sibelius Music Notation software.

Music 178 - Introduction to Recording and Digital Audio Production

This course uses a variety of hardware and software to help you learn the fundamental principles of recoding audio.

Music 185 - Pro Tools 101

This course covers the official AVID Pro Tools 101 curriculum and allows the student to take the Pro Tools 101 industry exam.

Music 186 - Pro Tools 110

This course covers the official AVID Pro Tools 110 curriculum and allows the student to take the Pro Tools 110 industry exam.  Completion of this course will also allow students to take the exam for Pro Tools User Certification.


Popular Music Performance Courses

Music 143 - Jazz Band

Music 153 - Contemporary Guitar 1

Music 154 - Contemporary Guitar 2

Music 155 - Contemporary Guitar 3

Music 236 & 237 - Vocal Ensemble

This is the GCC Vocal Jazz Ensemble.  This auditioned ensemble features some of the College's finest singers performing a variety of jazz and popular music with full rhythm section.

Music 148 - Chamber Music which includes:

Saturday Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Guitar Ensemble

For more information about any of these courses see the main GCC Music pages or 


We are in the process of expanding offerings in these areas so make sure to watch for new developments in our program.

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