The Parker award, named for William L. Parker, a philosophy professor to whom it was first bestowed. This awarded recognizes long service to GCC. Criteria include multiple areas such as academic, professional and community service; recognition by faculty, staff, students and administration; and lasting contributions to the college. The award was first presented in 1993.  Each recipient’s name is added to the William L. Parker Award perpetual plaque located in the Administration Building lobby. 

Recipients of the William L. Parker Award

1993    Dr. William L. Parker
1994    Jeanne E. Cunningham
1995    Anne Marie Novinger
1996    Dr. Jean Lecuyer
1997    Steven White
1998    Mona Field
1999    Drake Hawkins
2000    Steve Marsden
2001    Dr. Jose Mercade
2002    Pete Witt
2003    Dr. Ron Harlan
2004    Jeanette Stirdivant
2005    Joe Denhart
2006    Dr. Kathy Holmes
2007    Dr. Kathleen Flynn
2008    Lynn Pomeroy
2009    Jane DiLucchio
2010    Dr. John Queen
2011    Gordon Alexandre
2012    Peter Stathis
2013    Michael Dulay
2014    Michael Allen
2015    Ramona Barrio-Sotillo








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