Chief BadgeThe Glendale Community College campus is situated in an area of natural beauty nestled in the Verdugo Mountains. While we all appreciate the inherent charm of the campus and its surrounding area, it is important to remember that the campus is not immune to crime.

The occurrence of crime is a problem in any community. The GCC Police Department is constantly working to deter criminal activity from occurring on campus. However, we cannot do it alone. As a member of the campus community you can assist the police department by notifying us immediately of anything suspicious or unusual. By acting as our eyes and ears you can become involved and participate in making Glendale Community College a safer place.

We believe that a well informed community is better served, more capable of protecting itself, and thus, safer. Becoming aware of potential dangers and taking preventative measures will help to protect you. It also assists us in minimizing risks and keeping GCC a pleasant environment in which to pursue an education. However, you cannot participate in preventing crimes without timely and relevant information. Therefore, please take the time to read this publication, and call or stop by the GCC Police Department for more information.

Glendale Community College
Police Department

(818) 409-5911 or Dial 4000 from any campus phone

(818) 409-5925 or Dial 5925 from any campus phone

Last updated: 8/17/2015 2:24:41 PM