Le Do (Lei)



Place of birth:  Vietnam

Major:  Hospitality Management

Career goal:  Successful business owner

Favorite quote:  "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to  pass;it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Zehua Cheng (Lily)

Vice President

Place of birth:  China

Major:  Biochemistry

Career goal: Biochemistry professor

Favorite quote: "Don't worry.   Tomorrow we'll be back for more frolic and fun"...Spongebob SquarePants           

Kok Ying Chong (Jessica)



Place of birth:  China

Major:  Business Economics

Career goal:  Executive Manager

Favorite quote:  "A minute on stage requires 10 years of hard work."

Chun-Ying Lin (Lita)


Inter-Organizational Council Representative

Place of birth:  Taiwan

Major:  Fashion Merchandising

Career goal:  Famous fashion designer

Favorite quote:  "What matters is not the result, but the progress."

Minh Tran (Marcus)



Place of birth:  Vietnam

Major:  Business Administration

Career goal:  Music Manager

Favorite quote:  "Strive for more than who you are."

Nipuna Vidanapathirana


Public Relations Officer

Place of birth:  Sri Lanka

Major:  Business Administration     

Career goal:  Business Owner

Favorite quote:  "The passion is in the risk."  "If nothing goes right, go left."


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