GCC offers a variety of helpful resources on campus.  Some of these are listed below. Other resources can be found on the Student Services website located here.

Disabled Students Programs and Services

"It is our mission to ensure that students with disabilities are all given equal opportunity to earn a quality education at GCC. We offer our support both to GCC students with disabilities and to the staff and faculty with whom they work."

The Center for Students with Disabilities provides a comprehensive spectrum of services and accommodations, including the 

  • academic and personal counseling
  • disability assessment
  • adapted computer technology and instruction
  • academic support and instruction
  • alternate media
  • adapted physical education
  • interpreter and note taking services
  • information and assistance to faculty
  • collaboration with Department of Rehabilitation
  • mobility assistance 

Math Discovery Center

"The Math Discovery Center located in AS103 offers free drop-in tutoring, computer programs, & DVDs

Selected student tutors and/or faculty members are available to answer brief questions and give short explanations about all levels of math courses. No appointment is necessary. Students should be enrolled in a math class at GCC to use Math Discovery Center. 

Computer programs are available for student use. These are one-to-one learning processes with a computer that will reinforce certain course topics, correct answers, show solution methods, or be used to review previous courses. 

DVDs   are also available for viewing in the center. The collection of DVDs includes topics in Basic Math, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Statistics."

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

"Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program that offers collaborative learning workshops for participating classes. The workshops focus on critical thinking and problem solving exercises centered on the course material. They are scheduled outside of class time and they are led by trained student leaders. All the workshops are free to students. 

SI is not a remedial program; it is not targeted at 'at-risk' students, but rather at 'at-risk', i.e. difficult classes. It is currently used by dozens of faculty members in classes ranging from pre-college math and ESL to advanced physics, chemistry, and social sciences." 

Veteran Resource Center

"Veteran services are provided through the Office of Admissions and Records and Veteran Resource Center. Here, the veterans' staff provides assistance to veterans and eligible dependents in qualifying for educational benefits and in planning educational programs."

Helpful Online Resources

Please use the links below to find help on math, writing, other subjects, learning styles, and test taking strategies.

We also have many writing-related handouts as well as math DVDs.

Just ask us, and we will try to locate the right resources to help you.

Learning Express Library

Learning Express Library is an online database of self-paced tutorials and quizzes on skills for grammar and writing, basic math, reading, college prep, computer basics, etc. as well as exam guides and practice tests, test preps, etc. for different vocations. 

Users login into the database like they would for any of the other GCC library subscription databases. Once in, the user creates a personal account in order to get access to materials and track one’s own progress.

Videos on Math, Science, Literature and Much More

Learners TV

"This is a comprehensive site providing thousands of downloadable Video lectures, Live Online Tests,etc in the fields of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Accounting, Dentistry, Nursing, Psychology, History, Language Training, Literature, Law, Economics, Philosophy,Astronomy, Political Science etc FREE to its visitors... This site provides free video and audio lectures of whole courses conducted by faculty from reputed universities around the world. Science Animations provide students with fun and innovative ways of learning. Free live timed online tests with instant feedback and explanations will help you refine your test taking skills. Most of the materials offered are licensed by the respective institutes under a Creative Commons License."

Math Links

Video Tutorials

Khan Academy

"Our library of videos covers K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and even reaches into the humanities with playlists on finance and history. Each video is a digestible chunk, approximately 10 minutes long, and especially purposed for viewing on the computer." (Khan Academy website)

Writing Links


Glendale College Library: Essay Writing Resources

Writing can be easy at times and perplexing at others. The GCC Library offers many resources to help students boost their essay writing power and make the most of the written word.

Late Night Writer

Subscription service with guided planning, development, and assessment of a student’s topic. Presents advice, suggestions, and examples for help with individual questions. Provides documentation help with bibliography tools. Offers other writing strategy tips and “built in breaks” and suggestion for overcoming writer’s block and fatigue.

Learning Strategies Database

Summary of Writing Problems and Strategies from Muskingum College

Writing at Colorado State University

Colorado State University’s Writing Studio, a web-based, open-access learning environment for students and instructors, available without charge. Visitors are supported by a multi-media help system that offers more than 200 brief, how-to videos and text descriptions of key tools, including: shared ePortfolios and a new Wiki-based Class tools, a wide range of planning, composing, and commenting tools for writers, as well as access to writing guides, activities, links, blogs, drafting tools, and more than 200 brief, how-to videos. Teachers who have an “instructor” account can create their own courses, as well as clone courses, copy materials among courses, add co-instructors, and give courses away to other instructors. In the past year, roughly 22,500 writers from more than 900 institutions worldwide logged into their free Writing Studio accounts an average of 35 times.

Dartmouth Writing Program

Dartmouth’s College’s Writing Center site for students, faculty, and writing tutors, including overview of writing pedagogy and methods. For students, includes text-book quality sections on the writing process, tips for ESL students in writing “American” academic essays, separate sections on writing papers across the disciplines (humanities, social sciences, sciences).

Model Documents Gallery

This site provides overviews and examples of the format required for business and technical writing, humanities, and natural and applied sciences writing.(WAC emphasis)

The Purdue Online Writing Lab

Probably the most comprehensive collection of writing information on the Web, this site provides handouts for students and teachers, exercises (with answers), as well as Powerpoint presentations and hypertext workshops.


Glendale College Library

"These web sites help with all steps of writing the research paper or report, including finding topics, conducting research, organization, writing, and citing sources."


English Grammar and Punctuation Guide

Grammar and Punctuation Tips


Writing Thesis Statements
Interactive visual/audio explanation. Includes test questions.

Thesis Builder
“Thesis builder”. Helps students draft thesis statements.

Writing Center at University of Wisconsin – Madison

Presents “how to” in stages with directive questions and examples.


The Longman Vocabulary Website

This companion site to the Longman series on vocabulary offers exercises to build vocabulary.


Study Behavior Inventory

Do you have a hard time staying motivated in classes? Would you like to improve the efficiency of your study skills? If you've answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then consider assessing your study skills with the Study Behavior Inventory available in the GCC Career Center and learn the characteristics of a successful student.


Glendale College Library

The library’s ESL collection includes books, audio cassettes, compact discs, and DVDs to support learners of English as a second language. The ESL collection includes graded readers arranged by level; materials for language support, including subject-specific non-fiction titles; and Recorded Books: cassettes that come with a read along book.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

These OWL resources will help ESL students in second language writing. This section includes resources on writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, and it contains links to OWL workshops and exercises useful for ESL students. This section also includes links to ESL resources on the Internet.

English Language Resource Center

Bergen Community College (NJ) with over 100 links to ESL sites for: all levels and skills, sites by topic (grammar and writing, listening, pronunciation, reading and vocabulary), dictionaries and other tools.

The ESL Links Site

HUGE site with over 200 sites for both students and instructors, categorized by need and topic: Reading (including online books); Listening materials (including interactive quizzes and activities); Vocabulary lists; Spelling and grammar quizzes; online grammar books and dictionaries; ESL blogs, podcasts, and Discussion Forums.

ESL Website for Students and Teachers

An instructor’s website for student and teachers, offering sample essays at various levels and featuring advice fromm international students that can be used to prepare writing center tutors. If you click “For Teachers,” and then “For University Students,” you will find his ESL writing course for undergraduates. It offers several writing assignments, as well as tips for editing papers and for taking in-class essay exams.

ESL Partyland

This site offers some “student pages” and a “teacher side.” Advice is given on teaching grammar, on developing integrated skills, and on using film and the internet to mentor student learning.

English as a Second Language

This site helps address some of the needs of adult learners. While this site offers links to many lesson plans, the emphasis is on practical and workplace communication. Those in search of vocabulary can read “100 Free Short Stories.” There is a large section dedicated to immigration rules and services. Attention is paid to ESP, English for Special Purposes.

Grammar and Multi-Skill Sites
Comprehensive list of ESL grammar links with different levels of difficulty: easy, intermediate, advanced.


Test Taking Central

Improve your study skills and do better on tests.


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