The following are questions and answers to some of the most frequenty asked questions about the PeopleSoft application.

Contact with Counselor:

Question: Will there be a way going forward to contact students' counselors via PeopleSoft?

Answer: This will be available via the student educational plan which is still under development.

 E-Mail Notification:

Question: How can an instructor email an attachment (e.g. course syllabus) to students using the notification function?

Answer: Upon choosing “notify all students”, copy and paste the email addresses from the PeopleSoft Send Notification screen to a Microsoft Outlook New Message screen. Be sure to use the BCC field in outlook as to not send email addresses to all students.


Question: What do we do about students who are still not enrolled? Students are given multiple permission codes but still can’t get enrolled.

Answer: The permission codes expire past the census date. Students need to complete a late add form signed by the instructor and bring the form to A&R.

Question: An 8 week class (which starts later in the semester) has an add deadline of the first week of the semester. However, students will be adding throughout the semester. Is it possible to extend the deadline?

Answer: No, the students must be added by census of the session.

Positive Attendance:

Question: If the default hours were used for the positive attendance hours, how are the hours changed if the student did not attend the class?

Answer: The positive attendance roster allows the instructor to enter “0” as hours for the day if the student did not attend the class.


Question: Why aren't pre-req checks performed immediately on students putting themselves on a waiting list, just like when students put themselves into the class itself?

Answer: Students may validate their pre-reqs by clicking on the "Plan" tab in their student center. Once classes are entered into their shopping cart, the student can select the class and click on the Validate button. The student instantly receives one of the following messages: "Ok to Add" or "Enrollment Requisites are not met."

Question: Does PeopleSoft student system read classes in progress such that students enrolled for the first 8 weeks are allowed to register in second 8 week classes?

Answer: No. However, there is a process in place now where a student is given a permission slip and enrolled at A&R.


Question: Why are instructors unable to view all students in the roster and print a hard copy for attendance and grading purposes?

Answer: The roster can be downloaded into Excel to create a grading and attendance sheet. The online roster allows display of all students with the “View All” option.


Question: There were scheduling errors. How can we get changes made in a timely fashion?

Answer: Most of the mistakes that were brought to the attention of the Curriculum Office happened after enrollment had already started. It is not possible to make corrections after enrollment has begun because the corrections could affect students’ enrollment in other classes. Instructors are urged to work with their respective division chair to review the schedule before signing off and forwarding the schedule to the Curriculum Office.

Student Photo on Roster:

Question: Will student photos automatically be uploaded onto rosters in Blackboard from PeopleSoft?

Answer: At this time, the pending project is to upload photos onto rosters in PeopleSoft.

System Errors:

Question: There is a problem while composing emails to students within the system. It keeps timing out. Is there a solution for this?

Answer: The system timeout has been increased to two hours with a warning message at an hour and forty minutes. Pop up blocker in the browser needs to be turned off to see the warning message.


Question: Why were closed classes opened up again after the first week? This allowed students who were not on the waitlist to add while the students who were waiting for permission codes could not add.

Answer: The waitlist was stopped after the first week and there were open spots in the class. PeopleSoft saw the open spots and allowed students to fill in those spots. This was not a problem with PeopleSoft but rather how we decided to use the system. Decisions need to be made for the winter and spring sessions so this does not happen again.

Question: Can an instructor remove a student from the waitlist particularly during the period that the waitlist is in effect and the student(s) does not show up in class?

Answer: The Drop Rosters will allow instructors to remove Students from the Waitlist by doing a ‘Drop’ transaction on the roster.

Question: Can an instructor drop students from the waitlist?

Answer: The Drop Rosters will allow instructors to remove Students from the Waitlist by doing a ‘Drop’ transaction on the roster.

Question: Can a student register in more than 7 units for winter 2011? If a student is registered in 3 units how many units can he/she have on the waitlist?

Answer: The total units for the winter registration is 7 (seven) and that total is for both enrolled and waitlisted. If a student bypasses the restrictions, they are notified and disenrolled.

The following are questions specific to the Garfield campus:


Question: Could HS students (below 18 years old) be released from restriction to apply and enroll in classes?

Answer: There are assigned Garfield staff members who can release the service indicator or restriction.

Question: Why are students are being dropped from multiple sections of the same class?

Answer: This was a scheduling issue and will not happen again after fall 2010 term.

Question: Why are instructors unable to enter hours for students who were enrolled into a class on a specific date for the weeks prior to the enrollment date?

Answer: The action date for these students needs to be backdated.

Positive Attendance:

Question: What is the purpose of the “Did not attend” checkbox in the positive attendance roster?

Answer: This is for students who were added retroactively. When an instructor enters hours for a student, this check box is automatically unchecked. Instructors must enter hours every week including zero for non-attendance.


Question: Why are the class roster and the positive attendance roster not synchronized?

Answer: The positive attendance roster needs to be re-generated nightly. Please contact Alfred Ramirez.

Question: Why is there an “approved” and “waiting for approval” status on grade rosters?

Answer: An instructor would select “approved” when finalizing the grade of a student. Even if it is already “approved”, an instructor can still grade other students and put it again in “approved” status.

Student ID:

Question: Why does it take 3 days to issue an ID to a student?

Answer: There is a search/match process that is followed to ensure that a student does not have duplicated records. The goal is to have one ID per student and all records are showing under that one ID.

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