The cover letter is your opportunity to introduce yourself to prospective employers. It is the first step in presenting yourself and showing what you can offer the company. Remember that you are not trying to sound perfect, just perfect for the job.

The following points should be remembered when composing your cover letter:

  • Always identify the position that you are applying for. Tailor your letter to the position and the industry for which you are applying. Also, mention that you received your referral information from the Student Employment Services office at Glendale Community College.
  • Emphasize how you could benefit the organization. Tell them what you have to offer.
  • Build on your Resume by being more specific about your skills, experience and by outlining your job goals.
  • Accentuate the positive aspects of your background and how it relates to the position. If your GPA is 3.0 or higher you should definitely mention it.
  • If possible, demonstrate your knowledge of the company. Do some research about the industry and try to gain insight of typically desirable qualities for this type of job. You may find valuable information about general employment characteristics in the Career Center.
  • Ask for an interview and indicate the best time and place that you can be reached.
  • Always try to get the name of the hiring manager so that you can address your letter personally. You may ask the Student Employment Services staff for assistance obtaining contact information.
  • Use excellent communication, grammar, and writing skills when composing your cover letter. If you need help with your writing skills, you may go to the Writing Center (AD 232).
  • Absolutely no typos. Use spell and grammar check and have someone else proofread your letter.
  • Your letter should be one page long with no more than four paragraphs. Be concise and to the point without any flowery language.
  • Use a professional salutation and closing. Avoid using words like "affectionately," and "cordially." Instead use "sincerely" or "regards".
  • Use a business type font. Arial or Times New Roman are good examples. Font size should be 12.
  • Remember to sign your letter! Include your return address.


Last updated: 1/26/2009 3:14:13 PM