Executive Committee

Meets 1 week prior to the Senate convening.
To consider such matters as fall within the purview of the Senate, to formulate recommendations and/or opinions on these matters and to forward such recommendations and opinions to the Senate or the appropriate committees.

Committee on Distance Education (CoDE)     link to the CoDE webpage

The mission of the Distance Education Committee is to work with the Distance Education Chair and existing instructional programs to facilitate and improve online technology and learning.  Each committee member will represent his/her division and act as a resource to all faculty members regarding exploration, development, and implementation of strategies that ensure strong andragogy in the online venue.

Curriculum & Instruction Committee (C & I)    link to SharePoint

To recommend actions upon all curricular matters and to ensure the integrity of the institutions educational program.  Specifically, the Committee reviews and recommends:
1. All new and revised courses
2. All new hours and units for credit courses
3. New and revised Associate Degrees
4. New and revised certificates
5. Prerequisites, corequisites, recommended preparations
6. Course repetition, credit by exam, credit/no credit
7. Associate Degree degree/non-degree applicable and/or transferable coursework
8. Courses appropriate for specific Associate degree requirements, CSU breadth requirements, and IGETC requirements.
9. All curriculum changes for the catalog
10. All course and program deletions for the catalog and the dictionary; and it ensures that proposed new and revised courses are in the approved format and in compliance with community college standards and regulations.

Elections Committee

To devise procedures for election of members to the Senate and the election of Senate Officers.

Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee shall have the following duties:
1. Define and implement the Academic Senate’s role in the college’s budget process.
2. Make recommendations regarding the GCC budget.
3. Solicit Partnership for Excellence (PFE) grant applications and allocate available PFE funds.
4. Develop budget recommendations for initiatives approved by the Academic Senate, or referred by the Senate Executive.

Disciplines List Committee

The Disciplines’ List committee shall have the following duties:
1. Monitor disciplines’ list changes made by the Senate and at the state level in order to maintain the College’s disciplines’ list
2. Recommend to the Senate disciplines for Interdisciplinary Studies and Humanities courses.
3. To recommend action to the Senate in the case of disputes about the discipline of a course.

Student Equity Committee

The Student Equity Committee oversees campus-wide efforts to guarantee equity and assure compliance with Title V requirements. Equity is defined in the broadest possible manner, emphasizing accessibility for GCC constituents independent of race, class, gender, legal status, ability, sexual orientation, age, or ethnic affiliation.

Learning Outcomes Committee

a. To encourage and support faculty-generated student learning research for the purposes of improved communication between faculty/staff and administrators/trustees who make institutional planning and budgeting decisions.
b. To identify assessment practices on campus and encourage collaboration amongst faculty and staff in effort to institutionalize best practices that impact our body of students
c. To identify a GCC philosophy regarding roles and responsibilities that guide a safe and healthy sustainable culture of inquiry





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