The intercollegiate athletic program offerings are an integral part of the Physical Education Division curriculum. All fourteen intercollegiate sports offered by the college are a part of the PE curriculum and college credit may be earned upon successful completion of the course requirements. In addition, "off-season" course offerings provide opportunities for student athletes to enhance their skill levels and prepare them for successful seasons. All course offerings are A.A. and A.S. Degree applicable and are transferable to the U.C. and C.S.U. systems. Students who wish to participate in the college's athletic programs are expected to enroll in the appropriate courses for their sport. In addition to these courses sport theory courses are offered to further enhance one's knowledge and appreciation for competitive athletics.(See the Physical Education page to see the Theory Course offerings).

Intercollegiate Athletics:

PE 129 - Strength and Conditioning for Intercollegiate Athletics
PE 147 - Off-Season Training for Intercollegiate Baseball

PE 148 - Intercollegiate Baseball
PE 157 - Intercollegiate Basketball - Men
PE 160 - Intercollegiate Basketball - Women
PE 172 - Intercollegiate Cross Country - Men
PE 173 - Intercollegiate Cross Country - Women
PE 197 - Off-Season Training for Intrcollegiate Football
PE 198 - Intercollegiate Football
PE 230 - Intercollegiate Soccer - Men
PE 235 - Intercollegiate Softball
PE 243 - Intercollegiate Soccer - Women
PE 266 - Intercollegiate Tennis - Men
PE 267 - Intercollegiate Tennis - Women
PE 270 - Off-Season Training - Track and Field
PE 272 - Intercollegiate Track and Field - Men
PE 273 - Intercollegiate Track and Field - Women
PE 282 - Intercollegiate Volleyball - Women

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