Application Deadline:
Friday, March 1, 2013 at 4:30pm

Upon acceptance into the program, you will be required to undergo a background clearance, drug screening, and health screening and renewable requirements (CPR and fire safety) and bear the cost of these tests. If you have any record of a misdemeanor and/or felony, you must make an appointment with the Nursing Program Director prior to the results of the fingerprinting to discuss this as soon as possible. When meeting with the director, you must provide supporting documentation showing that the misdemeanor and/or felony has been expunged, dismissed, or adjudicated. This is important because you might not be eligible to be in the program based on these external requirements. Failure to immediately complete this step will result in disqualification from the program.

In compliance with the requirements set forth by our clinical affiliates, you must submit to a drug screening. The results will be sent to the Director of the Nursing Program. A one on one appointment with the Director is required should the result of the test be positive to discuss eligibility for clinical practice. During such meeting, you will be required to disclose any or all prescription drugs that you are currently taking. If your drug screen is positive and cannot be explained, you may be required to withdraw since the clinical locations may deny your attendance. The drug screening is one time at entry to the program, but the faculty can request additional screening at any time during the program if there is cause for concern.

Your health clearance and the requirement for CPR and fire safety are contractual requirements with the hospitals. Results of your clearances may be made available on a confidential basis to the facilities that you are completing your clinical rotations in.

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