Make a Connection. Make a Difference

Rafael Cardona Encourages Alumni to "Make a Connection. Make a Difference"


Since graduating from GCC in the early 1990s, I have taken notice of a strong sense of pride that prevails in our community about being part of the Glendale Community College family. However, one of the hardest tasks for any college is to stay connected, particularly with its alumni base.

As a marketer, I see this disconnect as an opportunity to reach out to alumni and encourage them to give back, especially in light of the continued higher education budget cuts. Recent research shows that alumni who give back to their four-year alma matter are also strongly inclined to give back to their two-year alma matter. It seems all we have to do is ask. As an alumnus of GCC, I am most passionate about being a part of a very exciting upcoming marketing effort.

This summer GCC will launch its very first alumni marketing campaign as a starting point for developing a life-long bond. We believe our alumni are an untapped market with significant potential to help GCC sustain its mission of making education accessible for all. Our campaign entitled "Make a Connection. Make a Difference" seeks to identify, reconnect and engage segments of our alumni base. We will utilize print, cable, email blasts and social media.

The campaign will provide testimonials of influential alumni who praise their community college experience as positive and transformative. The building blocks of our efforts include the creation of institutional support, socialization of students and alumni, ongoing communication with alumni and various opportunities for alumni to engage and donate. Our long-term goal is to connect education, industry and the community by reaching out to more than half a million GCC graduates. Our success will promote mutually beneficial partnerships that support career development, lifelong learning and regional economic growth.

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Last updated: 8/14/2012 1:58:43 PM