September 1, 2016


Prepared by:  Cindy Pollack


The following information is a summary of the activities of the task forces under Senate

Jurisdiction this past month:


1. Probation/Dismissal/Reinstatement

     Date formed:  March, 18 2010


Members:  VACANT (Chair), John Aque, Cindy Daniels, Christine Kourinian, Denise Leong, Ellen Oppenberg, Greg Perkins, Roxanne Raffi, Valerie Rhaney.


     Mission:   The Senate establishes a task force on student services support for

     students on probation or returning from dismissal (Motion 2010-06).


Status: This Task Force is inactive.


2. Student Success

    Date Formed: March 15, 2012


Members:  Kathy Flynn (Chair), Richard Cortes, Megan Ernst, Denise Ezell, Ed Karpp, Beth Kronbeck, Paul Mayer, Ellen Oppenberg, Greg Perkins, John Queen, Peggy Renner, Rosemarie Shamieh, Ramona Barrio-Sotillo, Andra Verstraete, Andy Young.


Mission:  The Senate creates a task force to respond to the Student Success task force      

    recommendations (Motion 2011-36)


    Status:  This Task Force is inactive


3. Board Policies and Administrative Regulations

   Date Formed: April 2, 2015


   Members: Daphne Dionisio, Peggy Renner, and Piper Rooney


   Mission: The Senate forms a taskforce to review and propose revisions to Board     

   Policies and Administrative Regulations before consideration by the Senate body  

   (Motion 2014-26).


   Status: This Task Force is ongoing and will continue to meet during the fall of 2016.



4.  Senate By-Laws and Constitution

    Date Formed:  December 3, 2015


Members:  Daphne Dionisio, John Queen, Peggy Renner, Mike Scott, Andy Young


     Mission:  The Senate forms a task force to explore possible modification(s) to Senate  

     by-laws and constitution (Motion 2015-49)


Status: This Task Force has accomplished quite a bit during the spring semester and will continue to meet in the fall of 2016.


5. Food Pantry Task Force

     Date Formed: May, 5, 2016


     Members:  Paul Mayer (Chair), Greg Perkins (Co-Chair), Brian Reff (Co-Chair), Lisa    

     Brooks, Victor Castellanos, Aarin Edwards, Nancy Getty, Jessica Gillooly, Beth

     Kronbeck, Theresa Lorch, Austin Kemie, Margaret Mansour, Ellen Oppneberg, Beth

     Pflueger, Marieh Ribeirio, and Hoover Zasriani


     Mission:  The senate approves the creation of a task force to determine the feasibility

     of establishing a food pantry at GCC. The task force should include senators, along

     with other faculty, as well as members of the administration, the CSEA, and the

     ASGCC (Motion 2016-08).


     Status: This task force met throughout the summer and have procured a starter room,

     received funding, reviewed best practices at other colleges, and set goals for mid-term

     and long-term planning. These are just a few of the things this task force accomplished

     during  the summer. 


6. Dream Center Task Force

    Date Formed: May, 5, 2016


    Members: Greg Perkins (Chair), Shakeh Atanian, Richard Cortes, Kristen Gonzalez,

    Richard Kamei, Carlos Kleeman, Kevin Meza, Eunice Patron, Isaac Pedraza, Andra

    Verstaete, Hoover Zasriani


    Mission: The Senate expresses its support of AB 2009 and approves the creation of a

    task force to determine the feasibility of establishing a Dream Center at GCC

    (Motion 2016-10).


    Status: This task force will meet during the fall 2016 semester.





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