December 1, 2016

Prepared by: Cindy Pollack

The following information is a summary of the activities of the task forces under Senate
Jurisdiction this past month:

1. Board Policies and Administrative Regulations

Date Formed: April 2, 2015

Members: David Glover and Piper Rooney

Mission: The Senate forms a taskforce to review and propose revisions to Board
Policies and Administrative Regulations before consideration by the Senate body
(Motion 2014-26).

Status: This Task Force is nearing completion of this project.

2. Senate By-Laws and Constitution

Date Formed: December 3, 2015

Members: John Queen, Mike Scott, Andy Young

Mission: The Senate forms a task force to explore possible modification(s) to Senate by-laws and constitution (Motion 2015-49)

Status: This Task Force is nearing completion of this project

3. Dream Center Task Force

Date Formed: May, 5, 2016

Members: Greg Perkins (Chair), Shakeh Atanian, Richard Cortes, Kristen Gonzalez, Richard Kamei, Carlos Kleeman, Kevin Meza, Eunice Patron, Isaac Pedraza, Andra Verstaete, Hoover Zasriani

Mission: The Senate expresses its support of AB 2009 and approves the creation of a task force to determine the feasibility of establishing a Dream Center at GCC
(Motion 2016-10).

Status: This task force will meet during the fall 2016 semester.

4. Open Education Resources

Date Formed: October 20, 2016

Members: Mike Dulay (Chair), Susie Chin Wendy Fonarow, Sevada Isayan, Connie Lantz, Adina Lerner, Paul Mayer, Greg Perkins, Sandy Somo, Karen Swett, Fabiola Torres, Juliann Wolfgram

Mission: The Senate forms a task force on Open Education Resources to explore options for promoting and supporting the use of free and/or low cost educational resources at GCC. As part of this effort, the task force will research strategies that other community colleges are using to achieve this. The task force will report back to the Senate their progress by the first Senate meeting in May 2017 (Motion 2016-30)

Status: This task force has met several times in November and will continue to meet in December, 2016




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