Month End
March 2, 2015

Prepared by:  Cindy Pollack

 The following information is a summary of the activities of the task forces under Senate

Jurisdiction this past month:

1. Probation/Dismissal/Reinstatement

      Date formed:  3-18-10

 Members:  VACANT (Chair), John Aque, Cindy Daniels, Christine Kourinian, Denise Leong, Ellen Oppenberg, Greg Perkins, Roxanne Raffi, Valerie Rhaney.

      Mission:   The Senate establishes a task force on student services support for

     students on probation or returning from dismissal(Motion 2010-06).

 Status: This TF is on hiatus until they obtain the extra funding to support the online probation workshop.


2. Student Success

     Date Formed: March 15, 2012

 Members:  Kathy Flynn (Chair), Richard Cortes, Megan Ernst, Denise Ezell, Ed Karpp, Beth Kronbeck, Paul Mayer, Ellen Oppenberg, Greg Perkins, John Queen, Peggy Renner, Rosemarie Shamieh, Ramona Barrio-Sotillo, Andra Verstraete, Andy Young.

 Mission:  The Senate creates a task force to respond to the Student Success task force      

    recommendations (Motion 2011-36)

    Status:  Task force will continue to meet during the spring semester 2015. Currently

      this TF is re-working a survey after sending out a pilot this past June.











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