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Richard Cortes, Ph.D., Articulation Officer

Welcome to the Official Glendale Community College Articulation Resource Site!

Dear Colleagues,

On this site you can obtain valuable articulation resources and tools for course development, updates, and transfer information.  Please spend a moment navigating through this site in an effort to better understand the intricacies, procedures, and best practices in articulation.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact, Dr. Richard Cortes, Articulation Officer, at ext. 5445.

 California Community College Course Outline Databases

CCC Course Outlines on the Web: http://ciac.csusb.edu/outlines.html

ASSIST Information Center:           http://info.assist.org/     

Video Instructions on using the ASSIST Information Center:


Matching your new or updated course outline to the C-ID:

What is C-ID?  Click on link:  http://www.c-id.net/about.html

Link for Finalized C-ID descriptors:  http://www.c-id.net/view_final.html

General Education Patterns

Does your course belong in the IGETC or CSU GE Breadth patterns?  Please refer to respective guidelines for information:

 For independent or private institutions, most accept the IGETC or the CSU GE Pattern in lieu of their own general education requirements (with some exceptions; e.g., religious studies, philosophy, and additional composition courses may be required).


Associate of Arts/Associate of Science Degree for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T degrees) 

If you are interested in developing an AA-T or AS-T degree, your discipline must have an approved Transfer Model Curriculum template available. The TMC are approved at the state level (i.e., CCC Chancellor's Office, CSU Chancellor's Office, and respect statewide Academic Senates).

For a list of approved TMCs: 





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