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Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) courses prepare students with the language skills they need to pursue a new career or expand their current job skills. VESL courses make the pathway from basic skills to academic or certificate programs more efficient. 

Spring 2016: Noncredit ESL Classes for Jobs

Level 3 VESL (Avancemos Program)

Mon-Thurs  6:00-9:30, Instructor: McGarry

Level 4 VESL 

Mon-Thurs  6:00-9:30, Instructor: STAFF


Christina's success story:


"I got a new job thanks to my English classes at GCC!  Information from my VESL class helped me to fill out my application.  I used many sentences from my conversation textbook in my interview and speaking with the supervisor.  I could speak about my soft skills.  My classes helped me use the right words to explain my experience." 



Workplace Resources for Instructors

Contact the Vocational ESL office for more information.

(818) 240-1000 ext. 5026


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